Non destructive testing laboratory

Non-destructive testing methods (NDT) uses knowleges in phyisical laws and phenomena in aim of material inspection whitout damaging it.

Laboratory of Non-destructive testing at ZIT Ltd. is leading in Croatia at providing insight into the quality of:

  • welded structures during production and on site assembling;
  • state evaluation of objects and plants in explatation.

Company is equipped with professional NDT equipment, and good references on the market are the result of employing highly qualified experts. All our operators have passed special examinations according to HRN EN ISO 9712.

Non-destructive testing includes methods as follows:

  • Radiographic examination (RT);
  • Ultrasonic examination (UT) – conventional echo,

phased array (PA), Time of Flight Diffraction (ToFD);

  • Visual examination (VT);
  • Magnetic particle examination of welds (MT);
  • Penetrant examination of welds (PT);
  • Leak testing of welded joints using bubble technique (LT);
  • Magnetic Flux Leakage testing (MFL);
  • Testing of insulation on the impenetrability;
  • Protective coating inspections.

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