About Us

OOUR Zavod za zavarivanjei prateće djelatnosti was founded in 1977, after joining SOUR MONTING and RO MONTMONTAZA that were leading Croatian construction companies.

In this way welding experts gathered in one place, so that numerous projects bulit at that time in Croatia and in the world are the best evidence for their work and professionalism.

In te 90-ies of the last century, OOUR Zavod za zavarivanje i prateće djelatnosti separated as an independent company under the company name ZIT-Institute for welding, testing and technology LTd. (ZIT Ltd.), headquatered in Zagreb.

Today, ZIT-Institute for welding, testing and technology LTd. is a company with a significant market role in the field of its business, and a vision of the future and its role continuing its long tradition.

Our business success is based on continuous improvement of business, quality of services and human resources development. Our vision is to be a trusted business partner, recognized for service excellence.

ZIT-Institute for welding, testing and technology LTd. is synonym for knowledge, experience and tradition.

We are a specialized company for services:

  • destructive and non-destructive testing
  • certification of welding personnel
  • welding procedure qualification
  • welders training
  • specialist supervision
  • welding repair
  • heat treatment
  • development of welding technology and heat treatment